Galway Arms Annual St. Patrick's Day Concert

The Galway Arms , 2442 N Clark St , Chicago, IL 60614

Join Paddy Homan and an all star group of Irish musicians to celebrate St. Patrick's day in true Chicago Irish fashion. Music will be held upstairs at Galway Arms. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!

"Authentically Irish--Irish-owned, Irish-operated, and Irish-enjoyed. Visitors from the old country love this place, and I don't think it's just because a couple blokes from Galway are running the show--it's because Galway Arms is massively reminiscent of a pub in Ireland. From the low lighting, the wooden floors, ceiling, walls, and pillars, the decor, and the Sunday night session, everything about this place exudes Ireland.

"Cead mile failte" hardly applies to this establishment--it's more like a million welcomes. As Paddy says every Sunday night, "You're always welcomed at The Galway Arms." Drew on Yelp!