From the recording The Hard Way Home

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I have a tendency to call my mother, Lizzie, a couple of mornings per week when I am going to work- that’s the afternoon in Cork city! My mother is the most faithful person I know and reared seven of us on her own during very hard times in the 1980’s. During our many conversations, besides saying how she has prayed for this person and that person, she always talks about her statue of Bernadette in her front garden which she keeps a good eye on! Leonard Cohen in writing this song with Jennifer Warnes and Bill Elliot, talks about the story of Bernadette of Lourdes and how her unswerving belief in the apparition she experienced was later rewarded with the knowledge that love is to be discovered. In singing this song, I look back and see how the Lizzies or Bernadettes of this world challenge us to celebrate the joy of having a child like faith. Some things in life we can’t undo but we can continue on, in the knowledge that there is mercy in this world. Beautifully arranged by Benjamin Lewis on Piano.