Paddy Homan, star of the PBS show I AM IRELAND, is a midwest based Traditional Irish Tenor and professional speaker who since his arrival to the USA has brought his talented voice and quick witted Cork humor to audiences across the country and back to his home in Ireland. 

Homan’s critically acclaimed one-man show, I Am Ireland, created in 2016, takes audiences on a journey through the songs, speeches and images of the time to honor and celebrate the Irish road to freedom. The compelling 90 minute program is presented in two acts with a three piece band of the finest Irish traditional musicians. Since its national debut in 2020 on PBS, I AM IRELAND, has aired over 1000 times across America.  

Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune reporter wrote of Paddy’s premier of I Am Ireland: “For hundreds of years and for hundreds of thousands of people, Chicago has provided a welcoming, comfortable and nurturing home for those who trace their roots (their hearts and souls) to Ireland. Paddy Homan, the map of his native County Cork on his broad/happy face and his country's accent still deep in his voice, in conversation and in song, is an Irish tenor who has used his voice to great and emotional effect since moving here for keeps a decade ago.”


Dr. Nona Lyons, Visiting Research Scholar, University College Cork says: “The history of a people can be taught and learned in many ways.  The I Am Ireland Show is another way of knowing. Because song and story are a particular way of knowing for the Irish, it is especially attractive to all who would know and learn of this critical chapter in Irish history. As someone who has experienced this program at its debut, With all the talent and passion provided by such a superb performer, Paddy Homan's I Am Ireland is a learning experience for learners of all ages.”


Homan maintains a duel career in music and philanthropy. While enjoying a full music schedule on the national and international front, Homan also works as Senior Development Director / Philanthropy for Plymouth Place Retirement Community in the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago.  


Paddy is a frequent key note speaker  where he presents on the role of music in supporting seniors the art of music in enhancing the lives of seniors. He is engaged by many business and civic organizations as a singer of Irish traditional songs, of the anthems of Ireland and America, and as a moderator in motivational programs for employees and community audiences.


Along with his extensive experience as a performer in a variety of settings, Paddy brings to the stage and to workshops for learners of all ages, many years of work experience as a social worker, manager in a care-taking agency, and fund raiser to support programs for seniors.  Paddy describes his approach: “For me, music and service to others go hand in hand. I get no greater 'kick' out of being in someone's home, having a cuppa tea, hearing their story, and being present to them through the gift of song. It’s all about connecting with people, be it on stage in the songs I sing, or in my work. You just have to give it your all."

Paddy has produced four CDs, His latest in 2018, Christmas Time In Ireland  is released as part of the group, The Noble Call, which takes audiences back to the 'hearth’ of an Irish Christmas, and is filled with songs, stories, rousing music and traditional Irish dancing. For the Christmas season, Paddy has been featured guest performer for several years with the Chicago’s celebrated City Lights Orchestra.

What the critics say of Paddy Homan:

"There will be all manner of celebrations during next year's centennial, but it is hard- almost impossible- to imagine any will be as moving, entertaining, enlightening or soaring as I AM IRELAND." Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune.

“I’ve been to Ireland several times but I never felt more Irish than the night Paddy Homan pierced the tempestuous night with his crystal clear tenor voice and sang the story of Ireland.” – Review of I Am Ireland. Mike Houlihan, Irish American News.


“Nobody sings like this, and nobody sounds like this. The voice never, ever grates. The range is stunning. The interpretation is perfect. This is the whole complete deal wrapped up in one voice, one talent.” – Irish Music Magazine.


“Chicago’s Paddy Homan is probably the best male Irish singer I’ve ever heard. Paddy Homan is the deal.“ – Bill Margeson. Irish American News.


“The voice. Oh the voice. Clear as a bell, and gift from Heaven. And it sings to every one of us, reminding us all of what could be and should be.” – American Public Radio.