From the recording The Hard Way Home

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I remember years ago hearing Christy Moore sing this song. As a child growing up in Cork city, this song had an air of wonder and child like beauty about it. Later in Chicago, I was to hear Jimmy Moore always singing it and I suppose the song just kept calling out to me. Finally, about two years ago I was involved in moving Maureen O’ Looney’s Irish Shop up to the Irish Heritage Center in Chicago. One evening after work, I called over to Maureen and was helping with moving her stuff when underneath one of the cabinets I noticed an unopened record of Christy Moore’s Ordinary Man album. I took it home with me and later that evening I sat down and listened to this song over and over again with a cup of tea and it was just magical. Good on ya Christy, you’re the best! Jimmy Moore, Guitar; Dennis Cahill, Mandolin, Bass; Sue Demel, backing vocals. Written by Colm Gallagher.