Irish Wedding Music

Check out Paddy's new website, My Irish Wedding Music -  dedicated to bringing the beauty of Irish music to wedding couples and their families, in a fun and meaningful way.
"My mission is to make your wedding an amazing stand-out event in the minds of all your guests. In choosing Irish music for your special day, you are both guaranteed a memory that will last a lifetime." Paddy Homan 

For more information, contact:  or 312.884.9102

Corporate Events

As Chicago is one of the corporate function 'hubs' of the Midwest, Paddy Homan & The Noble Call is regularly called on to entertain corporate clients at special functions. Paddy will work with your event planner to customize the entertainment around the theme of the event.

Paddy Homan is committed to the highest standards of service delivery to ensure a seamless and high quality experience for your audience. Paddy is also  very accessible at all times. Give Paddy a call @ 312.884.9102 to plan your special event. Or email him at 

USA & Irish National Anthems

Paddy Homan is in high demand for his very moving interpretations of both the USA and Irish National Anthems, performing at Irish American functions, Corporate Events & Sports fixtures. Take a listen for yourself and give Paddy a call at 312.884.9102 or email: 

Watch Paddy sing the Irish and U.S. National Anthems!

The Noble Call

Home concerts are what Paddy does best!

" To have the honor to sit in someone's home or backyard, hear their story, and tailor an evening to reflect the audience and mood of the attendees, is such a great treat! Music allows us this opportunity to bring families together, get them singing, sharing in their stories and building a musical experience around their journey and heritage. In giving the Gift of Song to your family, I look forward to being present to you all in our rich Irish musical heritage." - Paddy 

Give Paddy a call at 312.884.9102 to book your home concert or email: 

At the beautiful home of Virginia Fellmam & her family reunion- Summer 2016

At the beautiful home of Virginia Fellmam & her family reunion- Summer 2016

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