From the recording The Hard Way Home

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I chose my album to be the title of this CD because the words resonated loudly with me in terms of my own personal development and my career as a fundraising professional. The song itself was written for a movie that never got produced! But songs always have a way of making their true meaning known to people and for me; I was captivated by the authenticity of this song. The words have universal meaning as ‘without a hand to hold you, or a guiding light to guide you, you can take the hard way home.’ In my day job as a foundation director with Lutheran Life Communities, many of our residents need this guiding light to be that beacon of hope by which they can live out their days with dignity and respect. Written by that Kilkenny man now domiciled here in Chicago, Jimmy Moore; Bali James Music. BMI. Arranged by Ben Lewis who is also on piano; Sue Demel on backing vocals; Steven Houser, Cello.